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Ship To Wreck was inspired by winter storms here on the North Devon Coast and the legend that is Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine. I had this song swirling around my head constantly whilst painting this. The words speak to me and I feel reflect the storms we experience here on the North Devon Coast, The kind where you hunker down and batten down the hatches and watch it swirl around you.  I love the energy that storms bring and wanted to encapsulate this feeling into this painting. Here the storm is starting to slow and you can see brighter days ahead. A reflection of 2020 and all the turbulence it has brung.

Ship To Wreck

SKU: Ship To Wreck Origin
  • Mixed Media - 50cmx50cm on cradled Birchwood Panel. Sides painted in Prussian Blue. Unframed, ready to hang.

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