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The Japanese word - Kintsugi. When a pot breaks or cracks , especially in the kiln is seen as an opportunity to make the pot even more beautiful than it might have been without the crack. In the Kintsugi series you will find a seam of gold running through each piece. Sometimes you have to really search for it, that inner strength that you have to dig down to find, is always there inside you, even if you don't know or feel it. These paintings have a real sense of depth and meaning. You can almost feel the heaviness of the storm and the movement of the sky . The heavy grey storm clouds and the dark dripping sea reflecting dark times and yet it's that beautiful bright light that draws you in. The eye focuses attention and challenges you to look outwards stretching to the real world. Look to the horizon, you will always find the light.

Kintsugi 3

SKU: Kintsugi 3
  • Mixed media on cradled birchwood board.   50cmx50cm.  Unframed.  Ready to hang.  

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