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This Month, you'll find me in.... House & Garden Magazine!

So what do you say when House & Garden Magazine contact you to say they've found your artwork on Instagram and love it! Would you be in our March 2021 Edition of

'The Art Edit' feature?.....Erm YES!!!!

I've got to be honest - when the email came through my website - I didn't believe it was real! There's no way House & Garden know who I am! Well I was so wrong!! Once it was confirmed that I actually WAS speaking to H&G and after bouncing like a loon around the room for hours (and asking some lovely people's advice - thank you!) here we are! What an honour!

I took to social media this morning shouting out the good news, and have been completely overwhelmed by the responses of everyone getting in touch and supporting me. Thank you so much!

The original of 'Appledore Reflections' which is seen in the magazine (no.9 - see below) is already sold - but you can still buy Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Prints here .

Whilst you're there, you can also browse my new Spring Collection which was created over our latest lockdown or take a look at it here. Thanks!

I'll be reading the magazine and scraping myself off the ceiling for the rest of the day! Happy Friday!

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