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My week has been crazy A.F... find out why...

So - this week has been CRAzy! Back to college, which was brilliant but weird being back in a classroom with social distancing measures in place. Especially when studying art, which is such a tactile subject. Initially, it was things like moving around the classroom (fine to sit still with no mask but needed one to move around) and not being able to just jump up and collect what materials you needed. Or for that matter, share art materials. Which was really difficult, as you may know, when you're in art class, you don't all have a complete individual set of materials and tools provided to you - you all have access to the limited supply provided by the college. Our tutor was amazing and it was a steep learning curve for all of us to be sure. But it does make me feel like that spark of spontaneous energy I felt in class last year is somewhat dimmed - at least for the time being.

This picture is my prep for making a collagraph using the massive press at college. I created it on the back of a cereal pack using string, torn masking tape and scratching back the surface with a craft knife. I'm excited to see how it turns out! In my own art practice, I've been creating more pared back, abstracted seascapes, using a limited palette and simplified gestural marks. This picture is following similar lines I created for a new image of Instow being released soon, so keep your peepers peeled ;)

In other news, after a total fiasco getting a COVID test for my daughter (I won't go into it, but the media are not exaggerating what a shit show it is) we got the results back and they're negative!!! WOO HOO - normal service can resume!

What I am REALLY looking forward to is catching the pop up exhibition in Appledore with @zoehydeartist @rachel_shute and @marywilkinsonartist...

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